With ever-increasing electricity bills, everyone is thinking about an alternate way to reduce the costs by lowering consumption level. However, we all know that this is only a small portion of the solution. With passing time, our electrical consumption needs will continue to increase, and we must find a better way to reduce our electricity bill.

Luckily, you are in an age where investing in solar energy can provide a long-term benefit to your family. Independent Solar Concepts is providing solar power systems that utilize the latest in technology to maximize your electrical solar generation for your home. In this way, you can easily reduce the cost of your electricity bills and pay yourself thousands of dollars in the next few years. Your own personal savings can help you manage your home finances and make quality improvements in other aspects of life and help save the planet.

Our solar water heaters will also save on your electric bill. Solar water heaters use the solar energy from the sun to generate heat which can then be used for hot water for showers, space heating; forced air and heated floors, and industrial processing such as hot water and drying for commercial laundry units.

There are many benefits of installing a solar power system for electrical and hot water production. Not only can you save on your electric bills, but you can also save on your federal taxes with the Investment Tax Credit and the Illinois Future Energy Job Act (FEJA) can pay for a large portion of your system.


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