You are going to pay someone for your electricity needs, pay yourself first with a professional solar installation from Independent Solar Concepts.

Individuals who want to change the worlds environment one household at a time choose Independent Solar Concepts for their state-of-the-art solar installation with Returns On your Investment (ROI) in some cases in as little as five years. By altering the production and consumption of electricity we are helping to save the environment from polluting fossil fuel electrical generation and reducing carbon foot prints at the local level. Independent Solar Concepts, offering photovoltaic and thermo hot water solar systems from leading manufactures as Pika Energy and Apricus hot water solutions; residential, commercial, education, governmental, and agricultural..

3PC - Power Produced at the
Point of Consumption

Our business philosophy

Independent Solar Concepts 3PC (Power Produced at the Point of Consumption) model produces clean energy from households, commercial, agricultural, and community solar projects local foot print reducing the need for unsightly, land consuming, and controversial transformer lines crossing the country and commercial solar farms consuming essential productive farm ground.


Low Income Home Energy
Assistance Program

Independent Solar Concepts places additional focus on low-income individual’s energy utilization. Each year billions are spent on the tax payer funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Much of this assistance is spent paying the utility bills for low-income individuals sending billions to large corporations to produce utilities from polluting fossil fuels. Independent Solar Concepts focuses on installing solar systems on these low-income residences thus saving millions in tax dollars and fossil fuel energy consumption by switching low-income households to renewables.

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